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Over the years, I have received the kindest words and compliments from my clients. I wanted to share some of those with you and also thank those who took the time to leave me a review a huge THANK YOU!  You can find over 170+ additional reviews on my Facebook page:  


"Melynda came to our house to photograph our newborn son, and did an amazing job! She brought props with her, and was so good with Logan. She was able to calm him down easily when he got fussy and was really comfortable handling newborns. She was on time and even stayed a little longer since he got pretty fussy halfway through. The pictures turned out fantastic! Her shots were creative and exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Melynda to all of our friends and family and will use her again!"

- Shereen

"Melynda did an amazing job capturing beautiful images of my son for his 2nd birthday. She even set up one of her outdoor scenes in the studio for us. My son didn't really sit still, so she had her work cut out for her! Every picture was perfect. We will definitely be returning."

- Mary

"No matter how bad your kids are being, Melynda always snaps that perfect picture to make them look like little angels. She is very patient and creative! I highly recommend Melynda anytime someone says they need a photographer."

- Sarah

"Melynda has been photographing my family since my son was in my belly (he is now 3.5!). I cherish so many memories through the images. She does excellent work and always has new, exciting, ideas for sessions - especially the seasonal mini sessions that I try to not miss! Thanks, as always, for the beautiful work ♡ I can't wait to frame a couple from our latest session!"

- Ribeka

"Melynda has been photographing my family for years! She is patient, creative and always manages to capture a perfect shot! The only problem I have is choosing my favorite picture. They are all perfect every time! I recommend Melynda without hesitation!!"

- Susan

"Just had the pleasure of having our photos taken in the studio! Melynda did great at making the boys smile and keeping them on task. Cant wait to see the photos!"

- Heather

"Melynda did a great job coming to my office and taking photos of myself and my other agents for our website and billboard ad"

- Rick

"Melynda has been my photographer for a few years now and she's the best!! She's so patient with kids and always gets them to smile and ends up capturing the best moments. I promise she won't let you down!"

- Melissa

"She is a fantastic photographer! She has taken so many pictures of my son. I love all her props and her patients!! If you want great quality pictures go see Melynda!!"

- Carrie


"We went to Melynda for our son's first birthday photo shoot. She was very professional, creative and clearly so good with kids!! We are very happy with our photos and look forward to using her again in the future!"

- Sarah

"Melynda has been photographing our family for 3 years now and we have always had an amazing experience and loved our photos. She takes time with the kids to make sure to get the perfect smile and is so accommodating in every way. Even when we insisted on involving the dog a few times, her patience and professionalism was much appreciated. Always a great experience all around!"


"Melynda has done many photo sessions for my little one, she is absolutely wonderful with children and a great photographer. If you’re looking for something better than the average branch of portrait studios that provide the same backdrops all the time, Melynda is the one you want to see!"


"I would recommend Melynda for anyone needing senior pictures. I have twin girls and she did a fantastic job on their photo shoot. She was so kind to them and made them feel at ease. She took them to 2 locations (one at the high school and one at a local park) and both of the locations turned out wonderful. Great job Melynda!!"


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